Monthly Archives: September 2010

Campaign Keywords

I believe there is a need to have more COMMON SENSE in our municipal government. I use common sense in my business everyday to ensure my clients get a great job without the big hassles of unnecessary extra expense on their projects. I am expecting this will be easy to do for me for our community. It is a logical way of thinking for me.

I intend to be APPROACHABLE during the campaign and after elected. I am hoping to leave this website running and will keep this website address in all communications.

As part of who I am, being OBJECTIVE comes easy. I understand a lot of how the city works and look forward to learning lots more. As I do, I will do my best to keep an open mind, listen effectively as you share your concerns and questions.

I am COMMITTED to this new part of my life. I love this community very much and what to see the best for it. I intend to be committed to resolve any issues, to provide input and good decisions to all things that come my during during my tenure as city councilor. I look forward to it!

Nomination Day!

Nomination papers were handed off to the returning officer today at the city offices. Official list of nominations will be posted at the City of Lacombe website by noon September 21, 2010.

This website is dedicated to the citizens of Lacombe to discuss the coming election for city councilors for Lacombe. You have an opportunity to post comments to let me know what is one your mind, what concerns you have for the city, what praise you would like to pass on etc! Feel free to comment appropriately. Any comments deemed offensive, vulgar or inappropriate will be removed by the moderator of this website.

Being in the Community…

In our visit to Tim Horton’s this morning, the placemat in the tray has this comment: “The best part about being in the community is being involved in it.”  I really like that comment and this is part of what I believe in! It is easy to get involved if you want to and have some time. This is one way our communities grow and prosper! Kudos to all volunteers!