Monthly Archives: October 2010

Being Green!

I would love to hear what the community feels about being green! What does that mean to you? I am thinking mostly of the recycling system we have in Lacombe right now. Should the city implement a recycling program such as recycle bins next to garbage bins in every lane? Those without lanes with potentially a separate bin. What do you think of how we handle recycling now with the one location off the truck bypass?

Recreation Facilities

During the campaign I received comments about our recreation facilities here in Lacombe. These folks are mentioned that we need the arenas updated! One comment came from a hockey dad that mentioned he was embarrassed to have other communities come to Lacombe to play hockey in our building. I know that the concrete and ice plant had some replacement/renovations this year. This will help for the actual ice surface, but what about the rest? What do you think of our facilities? Is there an issue with “traffic” flow – moving people from one arena to the other? Is that important? Do we need two arenas with good spectator seating? Do you like the idea of a major multi-use facility with spaces for hockey, indoor soccer, running track, exercise rooms etc?

Ring Road

In a conversation with a constituent this morning, we talked about the possibility of a ring road around Lacombe for the truck traffic. This may be a challenge to do within city limits but could be a possibility with the cooperation of the county. Do you like the idea of truck traffic through our downtown? Should we as a city look at this option within the next ten years? How could or should it run around the city? Can we use QEII as one quarter of the ring road? Let me know what you think!

Home Stretch

Less than one week now before election day. Our team will be going door to door in most areas of Lacombe during this next week. If you see us as we walk around, say hello and if you have any concerns about our community that you wish us to know, then give them the contact information so I can connect with you later! Have a great week and show your support for our community by getting out to vote on October 18th!

Political Forum

Tonight, Thursday, October 7th, 2010 there is a political forum for the City of Lacombe hosted by The Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce. This will be held at the Lacombe Memorial Center at 51st Avenue and 52nd Street. It will start promptly at 7pm. Doors open at 6:30PM. Forum starts at 7PM at which time the doors to the hall are closed. Get in early then eh!

The public will have an opportunity to ask questions to each or all of the candidates!

Hope you attend!

Box Stores!

What do you want as a community for additional services as it applies to retail? Do we want the well known bigger box stores to come to our community? Are they inevitable? Do you feel they will have a positive or negative affect on our smaller businesses that are already here? Will they actually bring in more business? Lots of questions for sure. Tell me what you think!