Monthly Archives: February 2011

Strategic Planning Retreat

On January 31 and February 1, 2011, the city of Lacombe council along with the mayor and head administrative staff had the opportunity to be in a retreat mode with the Positive Culture Company from Medicine Hat to develop new Vision and Mission Statements for the city as well as a strategic plan. This process created the need for full engagement by all attendees to provide input for all areas of council and city administration involvement. With their assistance we created Strategic Areas for Action for the next three to five years. Apparently other councils had not gone through this process before in recent years. This retreat was absolutely beneficial for each council member to give their input into the future to try and achieve a new City of Lacombe. I have heard you as the constituents of Lacombe and was able to share your concerns and wishes. The Positive Culture Company will now compile this information into a final report to be presented to council probably sometime in late March. This will then enable council and city administration to create work plans to make these priorities a reality! Definitely worth the time and input of funding!