Monthly Archives: May 2012

RV Bylaw

Since we are now in the start of the summer camping season, I am interested in hearing how our new RV parking bylaw is working out. Council has chosen to approve a bylaw that states no RV units must be parked on city streets for longer than 72 hours and it must be connected to a towing vehicle. Is this working for you? Many properties in Lacombe have suitable parking spaces on their properties whether it is on the front driveway, or in the rear year or side yard. This enables you to bring the RV home from storage, set up for camping and then head off. If you do not have a parking spot on your property, it may get a bit more complicated. What solution have you created in this case?

This new bylaw has been a good thing for a number of reasons. This bylaw makes our city streets safer by having better visibility. It makes our city streets look better as well and not so “cluttered”. It makes sure that most RV’s on the street are there for only a short period of time. It also helps our citizens be more respectful of each other by parking their RV elsewhere and not in front of their neighbors house if they do not have room in front of their property.

What do you think of the new bylaw? Let me know by leaving a comment!