Monthly Archives: September 2013

It’s only been three years . . . . . !!

It has been an honor and a privilege to be a City of Lacombe councilor for the past three years. I have enjoyed this experience immensely and wish to continue on for another four years. There has been SO much to learn and experience that leaving council at this point would be a disservice to our community. I have no intentions to do that so on October 21, 2013, please get out and vote! I will work to the best of my ability for this City that I love!

Read between the Signs!

We all know the adage “read between the lines”! It is a way of describing the need to understand there is probably more to the issue, story, comments etc. At this election period it seems we need to “read between the signs”. I truly hope that all our citizens in Lacombe will take the time to thoroughly do their due diligence to inform themselves of the platforms of each candidate prior to election day and then vote with knowledge. Take time to read, take time to listen and discuss!

With all the signage out right now,(as the city acknowledges with the news release on Sept 26, more signs than typical) please do not vote based on quantity, but on the candidate and their platform. I do NOT place any signs on private properties without permission from the owner. It is frustrating to me to know the city, with their news release, needed to inform our residents (and candidates) that permission is needed for sign placement on private property. I am aware of private property owners who have had signs placed without their permission. I then question, if the candidate cannot show enough respect for the rights of our citizens for their private properties, what will happen if they are elected? Will that same attitude of lack of respect prevail? I sure hope not.

I do listen, I am objective, I am committed, and I am approachable! I have the greatest respect for our citizens considering they had elected me in 2010 for city council and I respectfully request the same honor again for the next four years.

Please citizens, “READ BETWEEN THE SIGNS” !!

Are Children Important? YES!!!

I probably should have titled this ” OUR CHILDREN ARE IMPORTANT” Considering the last three years on council, we have heard over and over again how important our children are to this community and every community. I support this fully in terms of knowing our children will someday be the driving force behind our community. They ARE the future!! Therefore we need to ensure we as parents and grandparents contribute to their lives in a wholesome way but also our community as a whole has a large affect on who our children become. The school systems teach them many things but the community needs facilities and amenities that support the proper growth of our children so the they become, mature, responsible well “rounded” adults. Should we have children’s facilities in our community that support their growth? FOR SURE and it is my wish and desire to see this for the City of Lacombe. What do you think?

Election 2013

Once again there are municipal elections being held all over Alberta. The City of Lacombe has released their list of candidates for this year including 9 candidates for council of which 6 need to be elected. Two candidates for the one position of Mayor. Please take time to read and inform yourself on all the issues here in Lacombe. We need our citizens to know the issues, challenges etc! If you have not done so already, you can “like” “peter4lacombe” on Facebook! I will keep posting here during the election process and feel free to send comments as you need to to share your concerns and dreams for our city! I look forward to serving the City of Lacombe for another 4 years!