It’s the PEOPLE!!!

One of the best things that my wife and I love about Lacombe is the PEOPLE. We have lived in Lacombe since 1984, the longest of any community we made home. Over that time we got to know a lot of people and since I have been a city councilor, I have had the privilege of getting to know so many more. The one thing that seems to draw us all together is the love of this community. All sorts of reasons I am sure, but we know this community is a great place to live and we even got recognition of that being called the eighth best city to live in Canada. Yep, all of Canada!! Wahoo!! What does this mean? We appreciate our location, our amenities, our green spaces, our historic flavor downtown, our … our … our … You can fill in the blanks! It is a great place to raise a family like we have done. It is a great place to make and connect with friends!

One of the best things about the people are the volunteers. We have many service clubs, boys and girls organizations including sports teams, event organizers etc. Our community would not be the same without our volunteers!! They do so much, they work so hard and make things happen!

So when you meet with others in our community, smile, it almost always gets a smile back! Say thanks or can I help or it was great to see you! We together can make a difference and make our city even better! Let’s do it!

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