Let’s Give Thanks!!

We dedicate a special day once a year to give thanks for all the blessings we have! I like the idea of each one of us giving thanks every day! WHOA, really? Yah it would be a great but certainly with some dedication needed!

I have lots to be thankful for as a city councilor!
– a loving supporting wife is at the top of my list!!
– a loving supporting family with our three sons, two daughter’s in law and three wonderful grandchildren
– a loving God
– just the best city to live in and the awesome people that make it so
– a decent city council group coming from various walks of life each with their own contributions to decisions
– an awesome Mayor in Steve Christie who has enabled council to move in leaps and bounds the past three years!
– I will spare you with the boring stuff, like, like, like …… we totally did a lot of work in the last three years as council! Wahoo!
– a great group that I get to work with on the Lacombe Police Commission
– for the years and years of service for our community done by Gary Leslie our former Police Chief ( and for his great laugh!)
– for the dedication of our just awesome Police Service and the wonderful men and women who make our community SAFE!!

This list could go on and on but you get my “drift”. Please let’s all take time for family and friends and say THANKS for the things that make our lives great!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend everyone!!

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