Let the work begin!

Thanks to all my supporters in the municipal election yesterday. It is overwhelming to me the confidence shown in this election for the work that I do on behalf of our citizens. Now that the election is over, I trust that all of council will work together for the greatest benefit to our community.

So this means “Let the work begin!” Yes, I have a meeting at 9am this morning at city hall already!

One thought on “Let the work begin!

  1. Congratulations Peter, glad to see you re-elected and looking forward to the next few years of civic politics. Unfortunate that election results seemed to take quite a while to be made known to John Q Public, given the electronic voting process, perhaps we expected the results to be a little quicker? Anyways, congrats again to you and all of those elected. Thanks for your willingness to serve in public office. Have a groovy day.

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