About Peter Bouwsema

Isn’t it great to live in Lacombe! Having spent the last twenty nine years of my life here with my wife Lorraine, raising our three sons and watching them head off conquering the world, I’ve developed a deep and fundamental appreciation for this wonderful community of Lacome. It was this appreciation that inspired within me a desire to serve my community through public office in 2010 and has me seeking office again in 2013!

Having been a member of the business community in Lacombe since 1990 and serving as a volunteer on numerous committees ranging from the Lacombe Economic Development Board to the Lacombe and District Historical Society, I’ve seen first-hand all the great things that have been accomplished around here, but I also have some ideas about how we can be better!

Now that we’ve been a city for three years, we need to put more effort into making Lacombe a welcome and fertile place to do business. Simple things such as clothing and sports apparel stores – all of whom have left our community in the past – and other businesses that make life better for us as residents should all be encouraged to set up shop. We need another hotel, one of a decent size, to accommodate the various conventions that are held here throughout the year. It’s a shame that potential revenue for our city is lost when convention attendees are forced to stay in Red Deer! There are other numerous opportunities for growth in this city and we need to take full advantage of them.
How do we do this? Various tax incentives and growth initiatives, but the bottom line is that we need leadership in the city council that is committed to a vision of growth and vibrancy in this community.

As a part of this desire to grow our commercial and industrial base, we will in turn see the proportion of tax revenues change from the large dependence from the residential sector to more of the commercial and industrial sector.  Lacombe has a high percentage dependence on the residential sector of tax dollars and I want to see this change!

Speaking of community vibrancy, it is my firm belief that a continuing commitment to providing both facilities and events that enhance the quality of life for our city is of utmost importance. Having overseen the Lacombe Days festival as chairman and vice chairman for the past five years, I have experienced first-hand the positive effects that community building events like these have. While our city isn’t critically lacking in recreational facilities and events, we can certainly do better! We have been and are in the process of creating more playing fields, enhancing our arenas, trails and the splash park!  All good things to create the amenities needed to draw people into our community!  Can we do more?  Yes, we can and we should do that in a balanced approach!

In closing, I hope I’ve given you a glimpse of the vision I have for our city. It is with enthusiasm and respect that I look forward to the possibility of serving you as city councilor, and regardless of which candidates you support, I encourage you to get out and vote on October 21/2013!