Are Children Important? YES!!!

I probably should have titled this ” OUR CHILDREN ARE IMPORTANT” Considering the last three years on council, we have heard over and over again how important our children are to this community and every community. I support this fully in terms of knowing our children will someday be the driving force behind our community. They ARE the future!! Therefore we need to ensure we as parents and grandparents contribute to their lives in a wholesome way but also our community as a whole has a large affect on who our children become. The school systems teach them many things but the community needs facilities and amenities that support the proper growth of our children so the they become, mature, responsible well “rounded” adults. Should we have children’s facilities in our community that support their growth? FOR SURE and it is my wish and desire to see this for the City of Lacombe. What do you think?

Election 2013

Once again there are municipal elections being held all over Alberta. The City of Lacombe has released their list of candidates for this year including 9 candidates for council of which 6 need to be elected. Two candidates for the one position of Mayor. Please take time to read and inform yourself on all the issues here in Lacombe. We need our citizens to know the issues, challenges etc! If you have not done so already, you can “like” “peter4lacombe” on Facebook! I will keep posting here during the election process and feel free to send comments as you need to to share your concerns and dreams for our city! I look forward to serving the City of Lacombe for another 4 years!

RV Bylaw

Since we are now in the start of the summer camping season, I am interested in hearing how our new RV parking bylaw is working out. Council has chosen to approve a bylaw that states no RV units must be parked on city streets for longer than 72 hours and it must be connected to a towing vehicle. Is this working for you? Many properties in Lacombe have suitable parking spaces on their properties whether it is on the front driveway, or in the rear year or side yard. This enables you to bring the RV home from storage, set up for camping and then head off. If you do not have a parking spot on your property, it may get a bit more complicated. What solution have you created in this case?

This new bylaw has been a good thing for a number of reasons. This bylaw makes our city streets safer by having better visibility. It makes our city streets look better as well and not so “cluttered”. It makes sure that most RV’s on the street are there for only a short period of time. It also helps our citizens be more respectful of each other by parking their RV elsewhere and not in front of their neighbors house if they do not have room in front of their property.

What do you think of the new bylaw? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Capital Budget for 2012

There has been some misunderstanding by some citizens and taxpayers in our community about the affect the 2012 City of Lacombe Capital budget will have on property taxes. In December 2012, the city council adopted the budget to the tune of nearly 26 million dollars. The large majority of this expenditure is for the new upgrades that are slated for the north section of Highway 2A. The funding formulas are available on the city website for all to review but to provide you with a bit of a condensed version, it is as follows.

The city operations budget (the one used for all the daily workings of the city) has in it a number of reserve allowances that are used every year for collection of some monies that are allotted to the various capital projects. It is prudent for the city to collect some of its capital monies this way so that we as citizens are not faced with large sums of monies needed due to poor planning for future expenditures. The reserve funding does not change substantially from each year and that is positive. For 2012 the reserve funding of capital expenditures is around 12% of the total. This means those monies are already in place. A large portion of the funding is from the provincial government from it’s various programs and grants. This is approximately 86% of the total funds required for the capital program for 2012. The remaining 2% is from various sources typically unrelated to affects on property taxes. The initial amount of the capital program was to be just under $26,000,000. With council’s decision in January to scrap the REDHI program portion of the capital budget it will bring this budget down to right around $21,600,000. The REDHI portion was to come from debentures (borrowing) and from capital reserves.

Based on the funding listed above the capital budget for 2012 for the City of Lacombe will not have a direct affect on the property taxes beyond that already proposed in the operations budget. If it were not for the provincial and federal governments, majority of the capital projects would not be able to proceed.

Let me know if this makes sense or if further clarification is required.

Been a While!!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have posted. A lot has happen during that time including a trip out to Halifax for the FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) Conference. This was a great opportunity to see what happens in Halifax and area on a number of fronts. One of the most interesting to me was the way the province now handles their garbage. It is LAW in Nova Scotia to recycle. Any landlord, building owner etc, must supply the proper bins for recycling for people to use. They are gradually increasing their recycling content and if you chose not to, there is the possibility of a court case. We toured four recycling and landfill sites during the time we spent there. Definitely worth pursuing for our own province. We do not have the land issue though that Nova Scotia does, so I am sure that is one reason they handle garbage as they do. If you want more information that would be great, just comment and ask!


During the last few weeks, it has been reinforced so many times, that it is the people that make this community what it is today! Just having good conversations, some joking and kidding around, some concerns expressed and problems solved! When we all work together to a common goal of getting along, to do the best we can, to make this City of Lacombe the best it can be, it gives everyone a sense of belonging and creates the deep roots for our existence! Go for it everyone, let’s make this community the most desirable and livable in Alberta!

Strategic Planning Retreat

On January 31 and February 1, 2011, the city of Lacombe council along with the mayor and head administrative staff had the opportunity to be in a retreat mode with the Positive Culture Company from Medicine Hat to develop new Vision and Mission Statements for the city as well as a strategic plan. This process created the need for full engagement by all attendees to provide input for all areas of council and city administration involvement. With their assistance we created Strategic Areas for Action for the next three to five years. Apparently other councils had not gone through this process before in recent years. This retreat was absolutely beneficial for each council member to give their input into the future to try and achieve a new City of Lacombe. I have heard you as the constituents of Lacombe and was able to share your concerns and wishes. The Positive Culture Company will now compile this information into a final report to be presented to council probably sometime in late March. This will then enable council and city administration to create work plans to make these priorities a reality! Definitely worth the time and input of funding!

Budget Deliberations.

The new year has come and council will be busy over the next two meetings discussing the budget for 2011. Administration has proposed a 4% increase in the operations budget and council at it’s last meeting in December requested administration look at the options of paring it down possibly a percent. I would like to hear from you what you think is acceptable for our times. 4% increase transfers to a $40.00 amount for the year on your taxes if your assessment is around $250K. The capital budget has not been discussed yet and will be very shortly since the entire budget is expected to be passed at the January 24th meeting.

Feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear what our citizens of Lacombe are thinking with regards to the increase!


As we head into the new year of 2011, I personally wish all of you the best in 2011! I certainly look forward to talking to many of you, and discussing issues and concerns etc as the year progresses. Feel free to leave a comment here for me to review and reply. It takes a team approach to make things happen, not as individuals. You are part of the team as is the entire council of the City of Lacombe. Thanks to everyone who showed support in my election campaign this past October! I look forward to serving you in this coming year! Our municipal budget is coming up for final discussions during the next month. We need wisdom and discernment to do our best for our community. You as part of the team can help us out as well. Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!!